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Thursday, October 11, 2012

un solider d'amour

Do you know this fabulousness?? This is ARMY OF LOVERS kittens.

Let me introduce you. A cultural phenomenon in Europe...and strangely, Russia, this group of glamorous creatures took over my childhood with their surrealistic videos, glam costumes and a frequently rotating cast of supporting divas.

The founding members were Alexander Bard, Jean-Pierre Barda and THE Camilla (Camilla Henemark).


5 studio albums, over 20 videos (many banned by MTV) and oh so many delicious memories.

                                                          I was OBSESSED.

There were many times when I clutched their little cassette tapes (yeah, 'member those?) as I ran home to meet my best friend so that we could change into "chic" outfits found in our mothers' closets and re-enact the videos we saw. I never understod the lyrics so I used to make up storylines to the music that in my mind the group was singing about.

I would be a lonely 4 year old orphan making my way on the streets clutching to hope of a happy end and a soft bed... while strangers threw dirt onto my perfectly made up face...

A ruthless solider in a fabulous fluffy skirt, fighting against the oppressors of the world...

A dancer with cat ears writhing to "Israelism"...

A man singing about an unrequited love...

They killed it with every song. Every performance was over-the-top, amaze-balls, sensory overload with an underlying creepiness and eccentricity. Lady Gaga wishes.

Even now, when I grew up, I still go back and watch their videos again...for me they stand the test of time. They are so vibrant, so full of life and deliciously gaudy and yet they cannot be called entertainment fluff. They were incredibly active in promoting gay and lesbian rights at a time when it was still taboo. They were creative because that was their nature not a publicity stunt.

They lived with abandon. They never apologized for being fucking brilliant.
That's why I will always be one of their soliders tee hee

Do yourself a favor and watch.