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Friday, December 23, 2011

A White Christmas

Have you ever seen this movie? I was introduced to it on my first Christmas in US. Although many many movies about the subject have been made since, none quite captures the magic of this season like the songs from this movie. Bing Crosby's voice, velvety soft and deep, singing as if only to you. Wishing YOU a White Christmas. Why don;t they make stars like that anymore???

And the finale? dear GOD I would of actually stabbed someone for those red pointe shoes and tutu when I was a kid. (kidding? )

This movie is glorious. The song is truly beautiful...enjoy.
Whether you are religious or not, I hope this holiday season brings you a little more happiness, close to those who matter.


B said...

You're adorable.

Bellatrix said...

tee hee :)

i miss you

zhanna said...

Thats the girl i always wish i had:)))

Bellatrix said...

ha. ha. whatevs. i have a soft side...occasionally. :)