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Monday, April 16, 2012

What a doll...

When I first came to US I watched a lot of cartoons. I used them to learn pass the time until school started. Funny enough my favorite cartoons were actually Japanese anime.
Sailor Moon OWNED. 

There was a period where I recorded every single Sailor Moon cartoon, plastered my walls with her posters and stickers and even practiced her transformation sequence from regular girl to superhero in front of the mirror. (I am not proud of this but hey, childhood is made for doing stupid shit.)

Luckily, this was a phase I grew out of. For some people this phase persists indefinitely.

Anime is wildly popular across the globe and in Japan it is practically another religion. And like any popular movement it invites those who seek to profit from it. Enter "Real life dolls."
There is a vast array of these girls on the internet but I shall focus on my favorite (Venus Angelic is a poor-man's Cabbage Patch kid at best).

Meet Kotakoti (surname: Dakota Rose).

This is (supposedly) an American 16yr old girl who just happens to enjoy Japanese culture and dresses up in adorably quirky outfits...a trend which I feel more teenage girls should follow. (The time for tiny dresses, hair extensions and sky-high heels comes quickly enough. One should take the time to be genuinely weird. It is the only time you can get away with it. Once you hit 30 pigtails and bows make you look retarded. Sorry, La Veritas.)

As you can imagine she has caused an absolute frenzy across Asia. She has been called a "Real life Barbie," "Goddess" and, my personal favorite, "Elf Woman." (side note: tee hee)

Personally I think she's adorbs. Stunningly beautiful, incredibly original and overall a precious little child.
She wears thigh highs to school. She has bilateral lip piercings. She also curses like a sailor.
(Bleeding eyeball bows? Christ I want a child like this!)

She has got this down to a tee. The outfits are superbly "anime." Her makeup enhances her genetic attributes to make her an epitome of what is seen as physical perfection in the East.
Watch her videos...even the mannerisms and speech have been exquisitely honed to make sure YOU believe she is a real life doll. She also speaks Japanese in her videos with PERFECT inflection. That's when shit gets real.

Unlike her critics I don't believe she uses a ton of photoshop. One can work miracles with makeup and proper lighting. Trust.

Adorable little girl, right?

Except she's a 19 yr old "scene queen" model from San Francisco. Well played, Dakota.
Slow clap from me :)

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