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Friday, August 17, 2012

My Choupette

Do you know Choupette Lagerfield? She is the precious kitten of Uncle Karl and is the it "girl" of the fashion world.

Choupette has 3 nannies, private visits from her personal doctor every 10 days, and Goyard dishes for her croquette and water. Oh, and she knows how to use the iPad (per Karl).
Then there are the never-ending magazine spreads because there are people like me who love reading about this adorable fluff ball. She is a beautiful lilac Siamese that has become the daughter Karl never had. She is adored, spoiled, and worshiped.

True, it is easy to fault someone for lavishing attention and funds on a kitten with no true intellect or personal say that these efforts should be spent on people who need them. But you know what?? She makes him happy. She loves him unconditionally and makes him laugh with true joy. For someone who has lived a long life and has literally seen it ALL, it is hard to find true happiness. To really laugh...spontaneously, without looking around....without worrying about appearances.

When he comes home she runs to him without abandon. When he sleeps she wraps her tiny fluffy body around his head and purrs quietly like a little motor. She curls up on his lap when he spends hours working on his computer. And when he brings home a new toy her playful hunt entertains better than some stale cocktail conversation.

Her blue eyes look up at him when he wakes...and all he sees is a little innocent animal that needs him to protect her, to hold her, to LOVE her. That is all. What more can anyone ask for?

This is my Choupette. A Siamese as well, except she is a sable which means a darker tail and ears with snow paws (little socks) of her front feet. Her name is Kisa and she is already terribly spoiled.

Having been a cat person all my life getting a kitten was never a question of education or readiness. I worried that I would not be able to spend enough time with her...that taking care of her would impinge on my limited and terribly valuable free time.

And she definitely did not disappoint. She needs constant attention...she is always ready to play and is VERY vocal when ignored. She has not honed her leaping or gripping skills and thus scares me with frequent falls and head bumps on sharp corners.
She follows me everywhere. ALWAYS. And even when I am in the shower I am forced to look out from behind the curtain to show her that I have not, in fact, drowned, and am only a few feet away.

She rests her head on my shoulder when I study. And when I sleep she purrs softly into my neck. I am constantly surprised how happy she has made me. When my love is away and my friends dispersed throughout the world, this little kitten greets me when I walk through the door and forces me to take care of her instead of feeling sorry for myself. All she wants is my love. Simple, n'est pas?

My little kitten. My fluff monster who, I dare say, is much prettier than Choupette.

KO: Does she meow a lot or is she a purrer?
KL: No, no, no - everything is done with the eyes. She knows exactly what she wants.

KO: She must have met a lot of people in the fashion industry by now.
KL: Yes, everybody wants her, but I say NO! She is really a stunning beauty. Her eyes are blue, blue, blue. And also her movement is so beautiful. 

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