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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pace is the trick

Somedays I feel very alone. Somedays it seems like the world is crashing on top of me and I can barely catch my breath. I feel overwhelmed with frustration and anger and despair...I get angrier still that there are so many in this world that can come home to their Love and find comfort and strength...their respite.

When my head is down and my knees are shaking...
that's when I need him most.

And that's when he is at his best.

His calm voice soothes my temper..his words penetrate through my little sharp armor...he looks at me the way only he can and I know all will be well.

This is our song. It was there when we began. It will be there until the end.
When I hear it...those first cords always stop me cold. I hear HIS voice and I feel him near me. Like a movie in front of me I see us...all of our dates...our passionate nights...our crazy adventures...our arguments and separations...our darkest moments when each has crumbled in front of the other only to be embraced and protected.

I see how much we have gone through already and how we have always become just a little stronger with each obstacle.
I am amazed at how deep, how absolutely encompassing, our love has become. Much more than I think either one of us had expected.

This song is not about perfect love. Some may say it's not about love at all. But it is ours and thus it is about OUR love. I cannot put into words exactly why but this song is everything. 
Every note..every if written just for us (silly, I know, but that's the point, isn't it?)
I always go back to it when I need him just a little closer then Skype will allow.

Music can change your mood. It can change your day. And sometimes it can change your life.

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