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Monday, July 2, 2012

Once upon a time in cold Salt Lake...

Did you ever have a time in your life that was so fabulous, so unforgettable that even while it was happening you knew it? That was my time in Salt Lake. (excluding of course my heinous, soul-killing, gut-wrenchingly devastating job at the time)
Though not always welcoming nor warm, that city brought many spectacular/artistic/intelligent/beautiful people into my life that I could not imagine living without. Who would have known that a city known for it's disdain for anything out of the ordinary would contain within it's streets these irreverent creatures who live life like tomorrow it's all ending.  

I miss our theme movie night parties...our races for martinis during opera intermissions..our late night fast food hunting after we danced until our heels broke. I miss candle-lit apartments and jazz..."gothing" it up in the underbelly of SLC. I miss those spontaneous little concerts where music was LIFE and we were young and owned our city like no other. 

I long for those intimate conversations that only happen at loud crowded parties where you get a new glimpse of a person you thought you knew well and you love them just a little bit more. 

I miss the undeniable, giddy, overwhelming happiness I get when I am around these remarkable people. Most of them are still present in my life..some, unfortunately, seem to have been lost forever. 

I miss our music - the music that solidified those moments forever in my mind. Our hip kid/indie cult/"i am uber cool because you've never heard of this band" awesomeness.


Times will be great again...there will be more friends, more parties...more "i can't believe that just happened, please God tell me you got a picture of that" moments...but today I long for a time that once was. And I am reminded that there are many magnificently weird/funny/completely unique and utterly irresistible people out there who consider me their friend.
I am one lucky goth.

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