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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Sunday thought...

This was my favorite poem when I was a child...guess even at an early age I liked the idea of unrequited love. I like to go back and re-read it sometimes. She was an unbelievable poetess.

The translation is below. It's not perfect but it is the closest to the Russian version I have found.

Слава тебе, безысходная боль! 
Умер вчера сероглазый король
 Вечер осенний был душен и ал, 
Муж мой, вернувшись, спокойно сказал
 «Знаешь, с охоты его принесли, 
Тело у старого дуба нашли
 Жаль королеву. Такой молодой!.. 
За ночь одну она стала седой».   
Трубку свою на камине нашел 
И на работу ночную ушел
 Дочку мою я сейчас разбужу, 
В серые глазки ее погляжу
 А за окном шелестят тополя: 
«Нет на земле твоего короля...»

Hail! Hail to thee, o, immovable pain! 
The young grey-eyed king had been yesterday slain.  
This autumnal evening was stuffy and red. 
My husband, returning, had quietly said,  
"He'd left for his hunting; they carried him home; They'd found him under the old oak's dome.  
I pity the queen. He, so young, past away!... 
During onenight her black hair turned to grey."  
He found his pipe on a warm fire-place, 
And quietly left for his usual race.  
Now my daughter will wake up and rise -- 
Mother will look in her dear grey eyes...  
And poplars by windows rustle as sing, "Never again will you see your young king..."  
Anna Akhmatova 1910

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