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Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Canada

My first vacation of the year! Finally. After two weeks of nights, not eating or sleeping or having any real human contact I get to play with my love.
We begin by going to my home town...

ahhhh my heart. VEGAS. I love this city so much. Beyond the glitter, the balls out bright light amazing-ness of it all...lie the streets I grew up on...the corners and hide outs only true Vegas children know. Misses.

                                                I cannot wait to come live here again. To feel home again...

Niagara Falls. My only perception of them has been firmly established by this... (ps if you haven't you should. It is film noir magic)

But instead I am going to see this....

am excited. Cheesy or not, perhaps played out, but nevertheless terribly romantic. To be surrounded by massive walls of water while kissing madly should be fun.

Then off to Canada we go...Simcoe, Ontario and Toronto. Meeting his family, seeing where he grew up. The place that, in part, made him who he is today. My spanking new passport will get it's first stamp here. :)

It will be unreasonably freezing I'm sure. And I will feel like time has passed by too quickly again. But this is one of those trips where so many of "our moments" will happen...and time together will be spent laughing and loving each other's company. We've missed planes, had blown tires and bad luck..but we always end up laughing with each other, just happy to be together again.

No call nights or pagers, no early alarms, no "goodbye"s in the middle of the night. Happy kitten.