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Friday, December 16, 2011

Mi Pedro

I find it very sad that although the American film industry is capable of producing real talent yet often it is it's presence that overshadows it. I am speaking of foreign film stars/movies/directors. Too seldom they make a splash in our markets (see Amelie - that was 10 YEARS AGO!!) . Whatever they may lack in production budgets they certainly make-up for with the most amazingly innovative story lines and superb performances.

Having said that, I am crossing my fingers for "The Skin I Live In." It is the new baby of all time favorite director (Tarantino and Burton share the #2 spot).

Pedro Almodovar and I go way back. When I was a teen I saw "All about my mother." I cannot adequately describe what that movie did for me. Although it was certainly not life-changing it made a permanent mark on my heart. Those certain movies, you know which ones...those that stay with you long after they're over...those that make you feel and think and haunt your memories or bring you back to a time forgotten...this, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and "Love Me if You Dare" ..... are it for me. The definitive. The perfection. The alpha and the omega.

It is so perfectly written that changing even a single word would be a crime. It is a delicately beautiful and darkly haunting movie and I love, LOVE, love every detail. Pedro's muse Penelope Cruz of course has a major role. For the sake of your soul, you should see it. Especially if you, like I, are close to your mother.

That movie was followed by this:

It's perfection, trust.
Every movie he makes...resonates with me as if he lets me discover a part of me I did not know existed. I have nothing in common with the protagonists in his films nor with this lovely, flamboyant Spanish director...but when I watch his films I FEEL them. I treasure and savor them like my personal stash of artistic goodness.
You will either love these films or hate them but I promise you won't feel indifferent.

It is not surprising that he is widely known throughout the world. He made stars out of Penelope and Antonio and his talent seems to be infinite. That is why I hope and pray that his latest movie finds it's audience and is allowed a wide release so that I can see it in this little town I am trapped in before it disappears into rental purgatory.

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