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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The most beautiful boy

Meet Andrej. Amazing isn't he?

He was born in Bosnia and lived with his family in a refugee camp before moving to Australia. He is quickly becoming the talk of the fashion world. He recently walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier for both male and female shows and has upcoming campaigns with Marc Jacobs, Den Hoven and many many others.

His photo spreads are impeccable, always amazingly stylish and certainly never boring. He is incredibly versatile -- his poses for women's lines are dramatically different from  his male campagnes.

I am sure some may find him controversial...inappropriate...a competition to the female models. But I see him as a glorious addition and a refreshing jolt to the stale faces the industry has shown the last few seasons. 

He is truly beautiful, in any gender, and I would rather admire his gazelle-like limbs and porcelain face than have couture be wasted on yet another man-faced anorexic pre-teen made up to look like the epitome of feminine mystique. 

And his photo shoot with Zombie Boy (another all time favorite)? PUH-LEAZE! Perfection elevated. 

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